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Why choose digital marketing materials? The performance question has been answered. Digital marketing has a 7 times greater viewership and a 4 times greater response rate over 'static' paper brochures. Furthermore, the cost to produce and deploy digital materials is a corporate acountant's dream come true.

Champion DashBoard

Digital Brochures offer the best of all worlds. A physical presence with customers, with all of your sales assets in a neat impressive package.

Champion Digital Brochures are well structured, starting with the Desktop Menu that controls your complete marketing package. Now kick in the WOW factor and you’ve got a virtual sales call your customers will remember and share.


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Branding Power

Title-bar logo, desktop logo, taskbar logo, watermark logos, splash screen - all put your brand in the face of the target audience. Slogans become dynamic text. Logos can dramatically appear in 3D. Background music adds personality.

This is truely a branded competitive advantage. The Desktop Dashboard is more than a practical marketing tool...It's a sales accelerator. Request a complimentary Digital Brochure and see Marketing In Motion.

At the heart of the Champion Digital Brochure is our Desktop Dashboard. This makes our digital brochures more than just a list of PDFs on a disc, or a replica of the client’s web site on a (Flash) stick.

Champion designs will transform static marketing materials into a stunning sales accelerator.The presentation and user navigation is controlled, unlike general purpose websites. Moreover, our entire design approach is driven by the client's sales process.

One-2 Punch

Target Prospects & Customers alike. A digital Dashboard is your world delivered via CD, DVD, USB or web download. Our designs can include presentations, brochures, catalogs, product specs, training material, video, support contacts, specialty calculators or any asset that will advance the sales process or support your product or service. With the Dashboard, there is no need for customers to navigate a corporate website maze, hunting for information specific to their needs.

Champion Digital Brochures are designed for 1-click access to your corporate identity.


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